Claims Process

What is the claims process?

To do this, click here. Our independent claims management provider will confirm whether the assistance fund applies to your former site and the closing date for claims within two business days.

Via our website:

Complete the claim process.

Via post:

For claimants that don’t have internet access, please

  1. Complete this form
  2. Fill in a statutory declaration
  3. Attach supporting evidence

Submit all of the above filled out forms via post to:

Caltex Franchisee Employee Assistance Fund
PO Box 2192

The claims management provider will contact you prior to the closing date for your site if they require additional information for your claim. They may request additional information from you and may ask you to attend an interview to discuss your claim.

The claims management provider will inform you of the outcome, and whether the claim has been successful

It will take at least one month after the claim period closes for claims to be evaluated and at least two months after the claim period for payments to be made to claimants whose applications have been validated.

If your claim is not validated, the claims management provider will notify you of this, including the reasons.