Via our website:

Complete the claim process.

Via post:

For claimants that don’t have internet access, please

  1. Complete this form
  2. Fill in a statutory declaration
  3. Attach supporting evidence

Submit all of the above filled out forms via post to:

Caltex Franchisee Employee Assistance Fund
PO Box 2192

Your claim should include:

  • Evidence of your right to work in Australia for the period of time relating to your claim,
  • Evidence of your employment at the site/s that you are making a claim against,
  • Evidence that you were underpaid, and
  • A statutory declaration

Where you have additional evidence to support your claim, this should also be provided. This includes evidence of:

  • Your period of employment at the site/s, and
  • The number of days / hours that you worked from 1 January 2015.

Public transport records are an example of the type of evidence that could help to support your claim.

If you do not have any documentary evidence to support your claim, you can still make a claim by submitting a statutory declaration only. Caltex will consider your claim against the evidence it has to support your claim.

Your statutory declaration consists of the statutory declaration form itself as well as your claim form and any additional evidence that you may have. All of this information needs to be sighted when your statutory declaration form is signed by an authorised witness. Similarly, when you upload or submit your statutory declaration, you need to ensure that you submit all of these documents together. This is the case even if you submitted your claim form and evidence on-line prior to the signing of your statutory declaration

Franchisee employees will be able to make claims within three months of a franchisee exiting the Caltex network due to wage underpayment or non-compliance with workplace audits. For franchisees that have already exited at 31 May 2017, current and franchisee employees have until 31 August 2017 to make a claim. Click here to check whether your site is eligible for the assistance fund and the closing date for claims. If you believe you have been underpaid by a franchisee who has exited the Caltex network, but whose site/s does not appear on the website, please complete and submit an inquiry form.

Wage underpayment claims can be made back to 1 January 2015.

Caltex has a separate process for addressing wage underpayment if a franchisee is still in the Caltex network. If you are currently being underpaid by a Caltex franchisee, you should call the confidential, independently-managed Caltex franchisee employee hotline on 1800 986 383. Your complaint will be investigated and addressed on a confidential basis.

In general, only employees who have the right to work in Australia will be eligible to make a claim.

Consistent with the agreement between the Fair Work Ombudsman and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection in relation to migrant and vulnerable workers, for temporary visa holders who do not have work entitlements attached to their visa, Caltex will consider each case on its merits.

You are eligible to make a claim up to the maximum number of hours that you are eligible to work in Australia under your visa.

The purpose of the fund is to make a contribution towards remedying any underpayment of franchisee employees. As part of the process of assessing the claims received, Caltex will not investigate in any detail whether there has been visa compliance. However, if a franchisee employee’s visa imposes a maximum number of hours that may be worked in a period, Caltex will not make payment of any amount of wages in excess of those maximum permitted hours.

Yes. All claims will be treated confidentially and subject to the requirements of the Privacy Act including the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs). Personal information will be used for the primary purpose of validating your claim and only used for a secondary purpose where you have authorised or as required for legal reasons.

No. Family members of the franchisee responsible for wage underpayment or non-compliance with workplace audits are not eligible to make a claim.

Claims will be processed as efficiently as possible. You have three months to make a claim once the franchisee has exited the Caltex network due to wage underpayment or non-compliance with workplace audits. Or, where the franchisee exited the Caltex network prior to 31 May 2017, you have three months to make a claim from 31 May 2017.

It will take at least one month after the claim period closes for claims to be evaluated and at least two months after the claim period for payments to be made to claimants whose applications have been validated.

Employees can contact Fair Work Australia for any questions about their employment conditions. Fair Work Australia is contactable via their website or phone on 13 13 94.